Purchase a gavekort and we add 15% on top or a discounted tasting menu!!

Gift certificates for an amount or an seasonal menu are available for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!
The seasonal tasting menu includes 2 starters, mains served family style and a dessert course for 250,75kr per person (price includes 15% discount).

** First step **

- Proceed to pay amount via mobilepay to number# 11117

Send an email to info@khmercuisine.dk and in your email include:
- Proof of purchase with a screenshot of the mobilepay
- Confirm if your purchase is for the sesonal menu & how many ( seasonal menu price includes a 15% discount)
- Purchase for an amount will have 15% added on receipt.
- Details of the recipient must include name & mobile number

We will reply to your email with the gift certificate.
*** Gift certificate cannot be used with any other discount offers ***